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As a professional clinic, we have to assess every client before commencing treatment.  However, with your consent, we are able to performed the procedures straight after the consultation.  Please fill in this Free Booking Form to make an appointment for an initial consultation.

Please mention in the Comments any treatment you are specifically interested in.  Please put “General consultation” if you are not sure which treatment you need – we will provide a detail consultation on your condition.


Please note, our online booking system is not updated on time. Therefore, please contact us before you book any slots to avoid any disappointment.  Many thanks.


Once you type in all the details for the booking forms, the website will transfer you to Paypal webpage.

You will have to pay 50£ refundable deposit for the booking.  The deposit is refundable under three condition:

  1. Cancel the appointment with at least 24 hours notice
  2. When decide not to proceed for any treatments after a free consultation with one of our doctors.
  3. Can be deducted from the invoice for the treatment


Why do we do this?

Our clinics are extremely busy, and we strive to keep our prices reasonable and waiting lists to a minimum. We run all aspects of our clinics as efficiently as possible. If a patient does not attend their appointment we then have a doctor, therapist and treatment room standing empty. The deposit is specifically taken to discourage last minute cancellations and non-appearances.


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