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Royale Aesthetic Clinic is a patient centred establishment where every client is special. Our services start with a free consultation to ensure you are offered the right treatment, and extends through meticulous and satisfying state-of-the-art aesthetic medical procedures and on to your attentive post-procedure followup care. The aim is a calm, confident and successful experience. Just ask our happy past patients!

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What people say about us

“Dr. Chen is extremely nice and very patient to every questions and concerns I asked. The most attentive post procedure follow up really made me feel insured. Will definitely go back again!”

Francesca Z

“I had my pigmentation removal by IPL machine with RA Clinic. I have tried chemical peel, whitening cream and all sort of pigmentation removal treatments you can think of. The IPL treatment is the only one which works. Finally, I don’t have to wear concealing cream after 3 treatments!!!”

Xiaochen Z

“I have my first nose filler injection by Dr. Olga, she was very patient and explained every questions I asked. She was very professional and got my sense of beauty. Got a perfect nose now. Will definitely recommend them!!”

Ariel Lee

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Mesotherapy package- BUY 3 GET 20% OFF


Mesotherapy is an anti-aging treatment which includes the injection of 53 nutritients for the skin.

The treatment helps prevent the appearance of ageing, such as small wrinkles, and improves overall skin appearance.

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